¡´Company name : Ken system International Corporation

¡´Characteristics of Ken system:

(a)Possess the soft wear tool development and large scale production/sell system management techniques
(b)Possess the soft wear tool for processing system analysis and design jobs to increase the quality
(c)Case tool educational training developed from ken system
(d)Educational training for Chinese/ English and Japanese Language environment
(e)Sell professional soft wear tools
(f)Consultants services and sell ERP packages

¡´Company Products information:

(1)Xupper ¡V Japanese ¡VKen system international Company product - Ken system (Taiwan) main agent-

¡EFunctional upper case tools 
¡ESA/SD auxiliary tools
¡EStrengthen the quality and efficiency of analysis and design for system application development

(2)Cool/2E ¡V American Sterling soft wear Company ¡V Ken system Main agent

¡Estrong lower case soft wear development tools(AS 400)
¡EPossess DOA(data oriented approach) function
¡ERapid editing the device and logic editing
¡EIntegrated soft wear tool-Automatic produce coding 

(3)Cool: PLEX- American Sterling soft wear Company- Ken system Main agent

¡EThe lower case soft wear development tool in Windows environment
¡EOE( Object Engineering) Style tool is more efficiency than usual 00 style
¡ECan support Client/Serve structure
¡EMulti-platform support
¡ECan produce C++ or RPG code
¡E Possess full integrated design and construct 


Contact Us

Ting Hao Lee
E-mail : leol@kensystem.com.tw
TEL : (02)8752-3100  FAX :(02)8752-3105